Slow Motion

Slow Motion (2002)

  1. Caroline
  2. Slow Motion
  3. Landslide
  4. Light On Your Shoulder
  5. New York
  6. Just Another Pilot
  7. Room For Flying
  8. What’s That Sound
  9. Got A Feeling
  10. The Trouble I’ve Seen
  11. Hard Enough
  12. Wasting Too Much Time
  13. Wasting Too Much Time (Reprise)

Slow Motion, Rhubarb’s second album after the critically acclaimed debut  Kamikaze, showcases a new depth and sophistication to the classic Rhubarb sound.

Recorded over 12 months by award winning Producer and new Rhubarb guitarist Caleb James (Rhubarb Kamikaze, Leo Nine, The Frugals), the tracks cover considerable musical terrain. The album as a whole is beautifully orchestrated, with strings and additional sounds arranged around a set of well-composed tracks. A high quality edge is maintained as well as an emphasis on the band’s obvious flair for composition.

The title track , Slow Motion has already secured national radio play, following closely on the heels of the Light On Your Shoulder, which featured in Triple J’s Hottest 100.

‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Light On Your Shoulder’ have already announced the refinement of the sound to their TripleJ constituency, and ‘Landslide’, with its winning guitar jangle and stick-in-the-head-all-day chorus, could be the song to spread their name even wider.

‘Just Another Pilot’ and ‘The Trouble I’ve Seen’ are in the Radiohead-as-guitar-band class while echoes of earlier generation Brit-bands abound, from the spiky guitar edge of ‘Got A Feeling’ to the Aztec Camera/ Orange Juice acoustic feel of ‘What’s That Sound’. Sunday Mail

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