Start Again

With Caleb James once again filling the producer’s shoes, START AGAIN is the third studio album and was created throughout 2004, with the result a great progression into a record that redefines the band’s rock edge while keeping the emotional depth of Slow Motion and hook-laden style of Kamikaze.

Tracks like City Life and Self Control show Rhubarb can simply rock out, while Feet on the Ground and Start Again show a heart and knack for melody that will broaden their audience even further. The recording process also saw experimentation with a range of different instruments, resulting in one of the album’s highlights Let You Down, recorded with a full horn section and funky breakdown, once more combining a variety of elements and making them uniquely Rhubarb.


Self Control

City Life

Start Again


Running and Confused

Let You Down

Puertorican B

Feet On The Ground

Far To Go